Remodeling, Contractors, Kitchen, Bath & Plumbing at A Plus Contracting in Milpitas, CA
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A Plus Contracting
Address: 383 Hans Way
San Jose, CA 95133
Phone: 1-408-929-5524
All weekdays and available also on most weekends and holidays.
Home Improvement
Business Type: Kitchen and Bath
Contractor License: Yes
Business Type : General
Licensed: Yes
Insured: Yes
Bonded: Yes
A Plus Contracting is a Milpitas, CA. Remodeling Contractor for Kitchens & Bathrooms  

A Plus Contracting is a General Contractor who is highly skilled and extremely experienced in many different trades.  A Plus Contracting is locally owned by Edward L. Mullins, who has been performing aggressively in construction for over two and a half decades.  A Plus Contracting has been providing quality service to the residences and businesses of Milpitas for over 17 years. 

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A Plus Contracting is a Milpitas, CA. Remodeling Contractor for Kitchens & Bathrooms

A Plus Contracting is a Milpitas, CA. Remodeling Contractor for Kitchens & Bathrooms — Home Improvement, Construction — San Jose

Products: A Plus Contracting is a quality oriented contractor who strives to install only the best grade of materials for the appropriate outcome of your project. A.P.C. is skilled enough to work with any materials that you the consumer may request and will deliver the highest quality results as long as you the consumer can understand the difference in the materials and the God given ability of any man to work with them. A.P.C. believes that it is the job of the Contractor to help their clients make the most informed decisions of which materials will produce the expected results.
Services: A Plus Contracting possesses over two and a half decades of experience which is used to provide the most complete quality oriented service available. A.P.C. strives to provide the absolute best service in providing customers with education, up front disclosures, jobs completed to thoroughness, and cleanliness while performing and after completing the project.
Specialties: Edward L. Mullins who owns A Plus Contracting has been performing professionally in the construction trades for over twenty-eight years. He has years of expert experience in the fields of, but not limited to, asphalt, carpeting, carpentry, code compliance, concrete, drywall, framing, flooring, electrical, insulation, gas piping, lathing, masonry, mechanical, painting, plaster, plumbing, roofing, sewer piping, stucco, tiling, water piping, and water-proofing
Business Types: Remodeling, Contractors, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling, Plumbers, Leak Finders
Awards And Certifications: B- General Contractor Ca. State License Board, C-36 Plumbing Contractor Ca. State License Board, ICC-B-1 Residential Building Inspector, ICC B-2 Commercial Building Inspector, EPA-RRP Renovation Contractor, EPA-RRP Renovation Firm
Additional Information: A Plus Contracting also happens to be a personal provider of electronic leak detection and pipe-line locations. A.P.C. provides accurate ultra-sonic water and helium gas testing in the underground leak locating of plumbing pipes.
Return Policy: A Plus Contracting always provides you with a warranty that will be completely spelled out in the Ca. state approved contract which will be provided to you before any large project is ever commenced or on the payment invoice that will be presented to you at the end of every job. The warranty policy for APC is not complicated. If ever you see or believe there is a potential problem or defect in the work or in the materials that APC installed for you, all you have to do is call. APC will immediately respond and set-up a time with you for us to come out and investigate. If this is a re-call on APC's work, APC will immediately prioritize it's repair. If it turns out to be a new issue, APC will show & explain it to you, give you a no obligation estimate to fix it, and either leave you with a free estimate for repairs and not charge you a service call or APC will repair the issue as we agree on the spot within the time proposed.
Number Of Locations: 1
Number Of Employees: myself
Service Area: Los Altos Hills, Los Altos, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Campbell, Los Gatos, San Jose, Milpitas, Fremont, Union City, Hayward, Castro Valley, Dublin, Pleasanton.
Brands Offered: Kohler
Time Zone: Pacific
Year Founded: 1997
Business Tagline: One call does all.
Languages: American
Payment Methods:
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